Making recycling sustainable since 2014

New Hope Ecotech is a technology and social impact company founded in the heart of one of the most prestigious business schools in the world - Kellogg School of Management, USA. Our international team is passionate about technology and thrilled by the challenge of creating technologies for the recycling industry which can help improve the management of this sector and transparency of data in Latin America.

Why we are the ideal team to address this challenge:

  • We are an international team creating solutions inspired by the best companies from all over the world. Our network of mentors from Europe, the USA, India and Latin America help us tackle the challenge!
  • We develop technology services focused in revolutionizing the management of recycling in Latin America (based in Brazil and Chile)
  • We use innovative software solutions that allow the measurement and tracking of the huge volume of solid waste that the region recycles
  • We offer a label - eureciclo / reciclamos label - so that brands communicate directly to their consumers about their commitment to the responsible recycling of their packaging
  • We are curious and open to understand the needs of all players: recyclers, companies, institutions and consumers in order to help them solve their challenges

Our goal is to create technologies for the development of the recycling chain in all Latin America .

Understand our solution:

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Goals for 2018

We have ambitious goals for 2018. We are looking  forward to working with you in order to achieve them!


operators approved and active, who through our services optimize their activities of collection, treatment and final destination of recyclable materials.


consumer packaged goods companies paying for recycling of packaging and using our platform to track recycling metrics


workers in the recycling sector impacted by our tracking platform and payment for recycling


tons of recyclable materials being tracked and certified

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