3 reasons to join New Hope Ecotech

Social Responsibility

Comply with the new Brazilian solid waste policy with transparency and efficiency, while encouraging sustainability in the recycling chain

Be the Change Agent

51% of Brazilians believe it is the companies' duty to change how they operate in order to be aligned with social and environmental needs of the society.

Experience and Technology

Join over 20 combined years of experience and knowledge about developing data tracking technologies and about the recycling chain in Brazil and worldwide.

Solutions for the recycling sector

For Companies and Institutions

Our solutions allow different organizations to closely monitor the information and targets of the recycling projects - it's all online and in real time.

For Recyclers

Get paid for the service of recycling through our platform, eureciclo.


Who can use New Hope Ecotech’s solutions?

New Hope Ecotech develops solutions for three audiences:

1) Consumer goods manufacturing companies who want to support the recycling chain in Brazil and need to monitor information and targets efficiently and transparently;

2) Formalized recyclers who prove their recycling services and need extra income to see their business thrive;

3) Recyclers who need a simple and efficient solution to manage their business.

Why does your brand have to worry about the National Solid Waste Policy?

Since 2010, the Brazilian law known as National Solid Waste Policy (“Política Nacional de Resíduos Sólidos” in Portuguese, or simply PNRS) requires that consumer packaged goods manufacturers prove the correct destination of post-consumption packages.

But it’s not about just obeying the law. More and more, Brazilian consumers expect your brand to do the best when it comes to responsible performance.

What happens to the data entered in New Hope Ecotech’s platforms?

New Hope Ecotech does not use and does not share customers’ data with anyone. This is a commitment that we signed with the users of our platforms through our “Terms of Use”. Just like the majority of online services.


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